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About the Author


Sandy Miller is a graduate of the University of Colorado and presently teaches the Bible as Cultural History at Florida Gulf Coast University in Naples, Florida.  

Sandy loves the  Bible  and  has  been  an  avid  student  of its philosophy all of her life, teaching Bible classes in one form or another to every age group from early childhood to senior citizen groups. Sunday schools, Bible schools, Bible camps, small discussion groups, and Bible workshops are ongoing involvements for Miller. Conducting Teacher Training Workshops to arm teachers with practical, creative methods and procedures to make Bible study both interesting and relevant is also a continual focus.

In the  early  1960s,  she  initiated  one  of  the  first  classes in religious education for students with special needs in her church, eventually attracting a large class from Laradon Hall in Denver. Since there was no curriculum for such classes, she worked with the Denver Area Council of Churches to develop special education material. Her interest in students with special needs led to involvement in parent groups working for legislation for education for special needs students in Colorado and at the national level. That movement eventually mandated equal access to education for all students with special needs.

Miller realized when President Kennedy introduced the Peace Corps that it was possible to volunteer for a mission late in life. At that time, she decided she would volunteer for such an organization after retirement. Sandy considered it providence when she and her husband were invited to join her daughter and son-in-law as missionaries at HCJB World Radio in Quito, Ecuador, in 1999.

Sandy and her husband Al ended the twentieth century by volunteering at HCJB in Quito in various capacities, including Bible studies with local Spanish-speaking people. Both of them considered their three-year stay in Ecuador one of the most interesting experiences of their life.

Returning to Fort Walton Beach, Florida, they attended classes at the Center for Lifelong Learning on the UWF campus. Sandy began teaching there the next year.

During her years teaching lifelong learning, Miller has prepared a library of Bible as Cultural History studies. One of these studies is published here as a discussion guide.  

Miller has two children and resides in northwest Florida.

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