About the Author


Sandy Miller is a graduate of the University of Colorado and presently teaches the Bible as Cultural History at Florida Gulf Coast University in Naples, Florida.  

Sandy loves the  Bible  and  has  been  an  avid  student  of its philosophy all of her life, teaching Bible classes in one form or another to every age group from early childhood to senior citizen groups. Sunday schools, Bible schools, Bible camps, small discussion groups, and Bible workshops are ongoing involvements for Miller. Conducting Teacher Training Workshops to arm teachers with practical, creative methods and procedures to make Bible study both interesting and relevant is also a continual focus.

CONCLUSION (Armageddon book)

Seeing the word conclusion as my topic makes me feel intimidated. How can I conclude anything about an effort to understand the book of Revelation? Revelation is open ended. How I feel about it can’t be settled once and for all. The book changes with the times.

Yet it seems good to reach some conclusion about why I wanted to teach a class about Revelation at all. First, it was the book in the Bible that made me afraid that my God isn’t good. I didn’t like that feeling so I needed to try to understand the book.

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